The ACDP strongly condemns the violent protest which resulted in protesters burning trucks, near Merrivale on the N3, late Thursday night. As a consequence, the N3 between Durban and Johannesburg had to be closed. Similar protests took place last year at the Mooi River Toll plaza, causing millions of Rands damage to private property. The N3 between Durban and Johannesburg is the most important economic route in the country, and a vital contributor to the overall GDP growth of our economy. With unemployment sitting at over 27%, we can ill afford to have this pivotal economic corridor sabatoged. The ACDP calls on all law inforcement agencies to deal with those responsible. They must be brought to book and face the full might of the law. Protesters must understand, that while they have a right to protest, they have no right to destroy private property. It makes absolutely no sense to destroy what one has, in order obtain what one does not have. Cllr Wayne Thring ACDP Deputy President
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