Errol Naidoo, a tireless campaigner for the restoration of marriage and family values in South Africa, will be standing for the ACDP in the 2019 general election. The founder and director of the Family Policy Institute (FPI) and producer and host of influential current affairs shows on Christian television and radio, is also working with the ACDP to revitalise the party brand and significantly increase the number of godly men and women in parliament in a party that stands on biblical values. Naidoo told Pastors & Leaders that he has been getting an enthusiastic response around the country in recent months as he has been sharing his political vision with pastors, leaders and Christian citizens. He said a talk on the vision which he gave to pastors in Pretoria was recorded without his knowledge and has been widely shared on social media, prompting messages of support and offers of assistance. Rev Kenneth Meshoe president of the ACDP said today it was very good news for the ACDP to have somebody of Naidoo’s calibre joining forces with them. He said Naidoo would fill a long-standing gap in the party regarding effective communication and that he has been appointed as director of communications for the ACDP. He said that Naidoo came with a strong belief that the ACDP, which currently has three people in parliament, can become the third biggest party in SA. He believed that amidst a political climate which created a threat of war, God was repositioning South Africa to have a godly government that would promote peace and prospertity and that the ACDP would be ready with people of peace and skill to take the reigns.

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