There is no denying that South Africa is confronted with significant economic and social challenges that continue to affect the financial well-being of many households and the achievement of inclusive economic growth. The poverty gap in the country is widening, with an estimated 30million people living in poverty, high levels of household debt, leaving very little disposable income on which families can survive, let alone save. This is mainly as a result of corruption, fraud and irregular expenditure in the public sector, policy and political instability, resulting in companies not investing enough to create more jobs, given the economic and political challenges. Given the magnitude of the challenges being faced, especially in recent months with fuel price increases, speculation mounting of an increase in VAT once again, the time has come to ask whether the direction taken since democracy has been the correct one. The argument being put forward, is that this is the time to consider alternative solutions and ideas that can better serve and benefit the country. Thus, we invite the citizens to engage further regarding our beloved country. Let’s work together so that South Africa may arise.
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