The African Christian Democratic Party believes that the recent increase in the price of fuel in SA, taking the price of petrol at the pumps to over R17 per litre, inland, is most certainly going to add to the financial burden of many households.

The ACDP notes that most South Africans have been hit hard in the pocket, with what can be called a triple whammy. The recent VAT increase, has been followed by fuel hikes, which will push up administered costs, the biggest driver of inflation in the country. Sadly, it is small business that will be adversely affected by this recent fuel price increase and ironically, it is small business that is needed to turn our economy around, as we attempt to move out of a technical recession. This increase, hence, will place further stresses on our already fragile economy which has been teetering on the bring of collapse. Additionally, the indigent and poor households will see their disposable income further diminished, as more has to be paid towards transport costs.

There are many who say that the recent huge fuel price increases are due to the increase in the price of crude oil, and the deterioration in the strength of the Rand as compared to other major currencies. This however, is only part of the truth. The ACDP wishes to categorical state that the ruling party must accept responsibility for its inability to shield its citizens from these fuel hikes. The fraud, corruption and irregular expenditure in our SOE’s and other government institutions, and the hundreds of billions of rands siphoned out of the country during the period of State capture, was committed under the watch of the ruling party.

One of the results of the pillaging of the state coffers is increased fuel levies, to over R5 per litre. The ruling party is complicit in adding to the financial pain of the ordinary man in the street. It is obvious that under the ruling party, many own goals have been scored and the recent petrol hike is another own goal.

It is time for change. It is time to remove those who are corrupt, inept and unable to rid South Africa of those challenges which threatens to destroy our nation. It is time to replace those who are corrupt, fraudulent, and incapable of delivering promised services to the people, with men and women who are capable, trustworthy and filled with integrity. The ACDP has such men and women.

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