Why do you want to be councillor for Ward 71? What makes you an ideal candidate?
Leesa Gerald: My strongest point is that I am not a newcomer or a newbie wanting fame.I have achieved that in Durban , around Durban and certain parts of the world.I am born and bred in this area and despite my fame, I have not abandoned my identity, grassroots and my community. I have served this community since I was a child and my hair tied in pig tails.I know first hand of the pain and misery of the homeless, hungry and needy. I was there from youth serving them and being with them.I am no stranger to them.We have from those days rolled our sleeves and we have worked together.I believe that I am not the ideal candidate but that I am a real candidate as I have faced the harsh reality and witnessed with great pain to see my hometown go from a peaceful place to a place of crime and violence . #SouthAfrica #RSA #Durban #Ward71 #Vote #crimestats

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