ACDP leadership extend their heartfelt condolences to the family and friends on the passing away of Miguel under such tragic circumstances. More than ever , ACDP emphasis the core value of the family life and they are committed to the safety of our children amidst the rising evil targeting young children today.The ACDP actively opposes all policies to make pornography available as it is the breeding ground for recruiting for prostitution, forced Labour , marriages and human trafficking. The young children are targeted as soft targets by sexual predators and for organ trafficking for muti and high medical demand for organ transplants.Durban and surrounding areas are the prime hunting grounds for sexual predators and human trafficking due to the port. Harbour and Border authorities are advised to take stringent screening and deal with heat sensors as very often the children are smuggled using cargo. The ACDP advocates more laws to protect children and family values and to continue in their steadfast fight against all liberal policies that seek to destroy the moral fibre of society. The ACDP has always worked closely with the police and the Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit and have been in strategic discussions community police forums as well as organisations that are creating awareness.A nation that does not protect the Women and children from abuse and violence is facing a threat of collapsing on itself and self destructing. The ACDP urges parents and schools to be vigilant and knowledgeable on the whereabouts and social media activities of their children. Parents and communities must report missing children and to deal with radio, newspaper and social media in a responsible manner. The ACDP urges South Africa us as a nation take care of each other and stand together to oppose all social hatred and atrocities.

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