Legacy – The ACDP is focused on becoming part of a legacy of Christian Democrats. Throughout history, in many countries, Christian Democrats have been instrumental in establishing democratic principles and prosperity. There are many examples. William Wilberforce, a British MP, campaigned for years in order to end slavery in response to his Godly belief in the equality of man. The Christian Quaker Business Movement were instrumental in reforming labour conditions and seeded many of the changes in labour laws that resulted in rights for workers. These changes included paid leave, health and safety in the workplace, decent accommodation and banning child labour. In Germany after the second World War, the Protestants and Catholics united to form the Christian Democratic Union to reverse Nazi ideology and rebuild a broken country. “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing” —Edmund Burke, Irish Statesman and MP. Politics are a classic example where in recent times, the absence of men committed to Godly principles and integrity has really allowed evil to flourish. In politics, significant decisions affecting the quality of life of every person are made. Although there are Christians in every political party, when it comes to voting for legislation, you can’t tell a Christian MP in a party from any other MP in that party because party discipline requires them to vote ‘as one’ irrespective of their personal beliefs. #SALegacy #SouthAfrica #RSA https://acdp.org.za

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