Why Vote for ACDP?

  • In Johannesburg, the opposition party was struggling in Human Settlements Sector.    • The IFP MMC was not delivering services and the community was frustrated.
  • In the IFP Councillor 10 years duration as MMC to Human Settlement, he managed to distribute ±20 title deeds.
  • Since the appointment of the ACDP Councillor Meshack van Wyk to MMC Human Settlement, the success has been phenomenal.
  • In the first two months, the ACDP Councillor handed out ±600 TITLE DEEDS.
  • In the past few weeks, the ACDP Councillor handed about ±400 TITLE DEEDS.
  • Is there a problem in the system, NO. The answer is putting God fearing leaders who are genuinely concerned for the people.
  • What the IFP Councillor could not delivery in ten years, a God fearing ACDP Councillor delivered in a few months.
  • Actually, the ACDP Councillor superseded all expectations.

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