Jameel Essop “Let’s unite towards proper values and principles that uphold societies foundations.”

During my birth in the 80s, the International community intensified its pressure against the apartheid government in South Africa.
As memory recalls, we were told by our white apartheid officials, that the black community that lived in Umlazi were coming to rob, steal, kill and destroy our homes. Such speculation of lies were mere seeds of division and discord that were sown to keep this nation divided on racial grounds.

Chatsworth, was a COMMUNAL community. We shared a community where, a spirit of love and respect was embodied and religious tolerance prevailed. There was a sense of brotherhood or sisterhood, as the concerns of our counterparts became each other’s burdens. Young people respected adults. Consumption of drugs and alcohol were restrained and the next generation bore a high standard of ethics, values and principles. Through the years, such a high cultured community has had its foundation ripped apart and destroyed.

Since 1994, the community of Chatsworth had seen another dawn in our democracy. A democracy handed over to foolish, immature and greedy men and women.
These leaders, most whom, do not uphold either core values or firm foundations, built upon proper values and principles , have eroded our society and left Chatsworth as a place of ruins.
Drugs, alcohol, gender based violence, murder, crime, theft, child abuse, lack of religious tolerance are now the norm in a once cultured society.

I had the privilege of being schooled in Summerfield Primary and Chatsworth Secondary. In grade 1, during a mathematics lesson, I made a simple error which is pardonable in todays society. My mathematics teacher requested that I stand up, before my entire class and proceeded to slap me for my mistake. Embarrassed, I chose to be silent and took my seat.

After school, I rushed home to report the situation to my mum. Where I had hoped for support, my mum in turn, asked me to stand and slapped me as well. Thereafter she stated; “Never complain about someone who wants you to excel and see greatness inside.”

Today, we have a failing educational system. Power and control are either with some power-hungry governing body or the children. Teachers struggle under tremendous pressure, not knowing whom to please.

Where are those parents like my mum?

The ones who prioritize values, respect and dignity more than nursing the wrongs reported by our children.
In Chatsworth Secondary, teachers were our friends and even though we joked, respect and honour was maintained both within and out of the classrooms.

The Community of Chatsworth:

THERE IS A DREAM, a dream to tear down, a dream to uproot, a dream to rebuild, a dream to restore and a dream to see God’s Glory restored.
Uproot wickedness from Chatsworth, rebuild our foundations once again on communal living, on love, on respect, on honour, on values and principles that uphold good societal living.
Restore families, restore dignity to women and men, restore the love and passion this society once had for God, restore the joy, peace and culture to do what is right and just.
Chatsworth citizens, the situation we face today was similar to a man I know, named Nehemiah. The beloved city that Nehemiah came from, was in the same condition as I see prevalent today.

The same dream he carried then, I carry now.

When the report concerning the land reached Nehemiah ears, it grieved him towards action. It grieved him towards actively doing something.
This man Nehemiah could not eat nor drink nor sleep. This man Nehemiah knew something greater needed to be done.
Chatsworth today there is a clear and clarion call for us to come together; united, shoulder to shoulder with our families and our friends to rebuild!
Lets talk to our families or friends, that hope is in our hands, hope is in our mouth. We are that hope.

Chatsworth, I am charging you to join forces with me, lets take back our community from crime and let’s make it friendly for our children and the generations to come.
Let the streets accommodate the laughter of each other once again.
Chatsworth, I am here, together with others.

Now we need you.
Let’s repair, lets rebuild and lets do what is right for a better community and nation.
Peace to Chatsworth, peace to you, Peace to your family and peace to our beloved country South Africa.

Jameel Essop


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