Constitution – Founding Statement The Party believes that South Africa is a nation under the Almighty God. The Party represents: A fresh start for a new South Africa. It is a party uncontaminated by the past; A multiracial leadership emanating from diverse political backgrounds, united behind common principles to bring hope to the nation; A genuine federal framework of government with original constitutional powers at the lowest possible level; Development through the empowerment of grassroots communities and the individual; Christian values and norms; the proper foundation for personal freedom, national unity, reconciliation, justice, peace and security; A determination to address the critical issues such as poverty, security, the economy, housing, education, health care, and land ownership, etc. based on proven successful policies; A vibrant open market economy, creating opportunities for all to prosper. The Party stands for Christian principles, freedom of religion, an open market economy, family values, community empowerment and human rights in a federal system.

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