What can you do for Ward 71?
As a Councillor , I will build on 4 pillars to restore and make Shallcross great again.These 4 pillars hold up a community.:
1.Food and basic needs
2. Freedom from fear,
3.Employment Creation and
4. Homes for the homeless.
Firstly, it will be my honour to continue to serve my community with mercy and compassion so that their bread and butter issues are satisfied. My formative years in this community have taught me that when a child is hungry then he or she cannot concentrate in class or a hungry labourer will not have strength for the job. So I will make this community strong and satisfied with the basic needs thus reducing crimes of necessity. We will ensure feeding schemes are there to assist and by education and skill to become self sustaing .We will educate and return to strong family values as ACDP believes in strong family values;
Secondly, I will address the safety of the community in which residents are no longer living in fear and kids can play in the secure areas.Throughout my years, I have developed good strong and loyal ties with the police and community so I will forge discussion and co-operation with police and community.I will work with other agencies to restore Shallcross to peace again.ACDP has been for working for a long time on these issues and good relationships are made for all parties to work to make Shallcross safe.At the municipality level , the ACDP has highlighted the taxi violence and high level of crimes in our area.
Thirdly, We sort the means and the end will take care of itself.Employment creation is integral in making Shallcross great again and I as councillor will strive to recruit talent and expertise and create Shallcross to be a business district thriving again.
Fourthly, I will put all my endeavours for the homeless to have homes and proper shelters.I will use my influence in the business sector to do tenders and to come and build homes and search for better alternative means to take care of the homeless.ACDP councillors have had great success records in dealing with Human Settlement and giving over 600 Title Deeds in 6 weeks whilst other political councillors failed to deliver in 10 years .They have the blueprints so I can adopt their winning strategy in Shallcross.They have turned rubbish dumps into secure park playgrounds for children.A clean, neat and peaceful environment will attract the demand for higher property values and bring prosperity in the area.Our plan in two years is to raise funds and regenerate Shallcross by one area at a time with the co-operation of the community leaders , all religious leaders and agencies;
Fifthly, I need the Grace and favour of God to do all that I have set forth as plans to become a reality.I need all the prayers and co-operation of all the leaders in this community to take a stand and to make it better together . #SouthAfrica #RSA #Ward71 #ACDP #Vote

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